Hey Everyone!

I hope you have had a super great beginning of 2017! I’m posting for the first time this year, but I do have some good things in the works…

I’m taking a little business course right now so I am busy looking at how publishing houses work and asking some customers what they like about products and such. It’s helping me narrow down what sets my little Enjoy Learning Something publishing business apart and how I can make it grow.

I have been planning out my goals and here are some…

  • Send out one of my manuscripts out to agents since it doesn’t fit into my own publishing house’s mission. I’d love to see how it is being tranditionally published too!
  • Work on setting up a Kickstarter campaign to come out in May for my second book to come out next year. This is a big goal and has lots of parts.
  • Work on getting my YouTube videos up and running–kids math product/book reviews and my Math activity Thursdays up and running. Along with this, set up a Patreon account. I did hire an awesome film editor in the Philippines and I’m excited to see what we can put out for all of you.
  • Learn more about how publishing houses work and implement what I learn.
Are you looking forward to seeing some fun math activity videos you can do with your kids? Or are you more interested in seeing what math products/books you can use with them? Both maybe?
I’ll catch you later! Take care!

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