Being an author is a lot of work and it can be extremely rewarding!

If you are following along my author story I am so grateful and I have updates!

So, a few months ago (my book site) was revamped and now looks amazing (yay)!

In September I heard word back from B&N Small Press Dept. that they would like to order 8 copies of The Pancake Menu, although they only take books from book wholesalers and distributors.  So, I contacted Baker & Taylor (a book wholesaler who often caters to the school and library markets).  They accepted me as a vendor and I am still in the process of finishing the vendor set up. I am up on their database, but they haven’t sent me the first purchase order.  So, pretty soon B&N will have my book available if you walk into a store and say you want it ordered. : )

On the blog Math Coach’s Corner Donna did a wonderful review of the book and I got a good amount of people that signed up to receive my monthly newsletter!

I’m scheduled to go to Center Street Elementary (El Segundo, CA) in early March to do three assemblies for the 1st & 2nd grade, 3rd & 4th grade, and the 5th grade classes. I’ll get to send my pre-order form home with them soon and I’m so excited to talk with them and encourage them to keep reading and playing with math!

Then, a met a person from and we are planning to do a blog post for them and a giveaway at some point (the details haven’t been finalized).

There are even a few other items of book details going on… My search for a better ebook formatter for fixed format in ePUB and Mobi files. And then a rights manager.

There are a lot of things that go into having a book… Things are moving along and I appreciate all the support and hope that this resource is loved by kids from all over!

If you haven’t already I would love to have you get my monthly newsletters. I will be giving a product away free periodically to that mailing list.  Have a great day everyone–and if you’ve read til here I’d love any feedback you have for me. I hope you enjoy and the hands-on math experience that The Pancake Menu can bring : )

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