Hello everyone,
So sorry, sometimes weeks go by and I haven’t put up a post.  Last week I got to go to Los Feliz, CA to a book fair at Franklin Elementary.  It was super fun and I’m happy that I was able to be there.
Here is my little set up at the side of the stage.

 There is the collection of my books in the auditorium section with all the other books.

 I read my book three times Thursday afternoon and this was the last one and with the least kids, but boy were they into the book!  Kids reactions are the best!

I had a handful of sales that day, but I took away some great info!  Every time I mentioned that I am the author of the book it piqued people’s interest.  Also, when I read to a smaller group I saw more sales.  When I did two of the readings, they were to a large group and it appeared passive–the kids didn’t convince their parents to buy it either, but when it was more interactive for a smaller group, I sold more copies.
Well, I learned some good things and I’m so excited to get to go to Elementary schools and share my book and help kids enjoy practicing math.  I sent out 100 mailers over the last few weeks and I hope those schools will take me up on the visit : )
Stay warm everyone!

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