I was so excited to get the letter from Barnes and Noble after submitting to their small press department.  It has some good news–they would love to buy copies of my book!  The bad news–they only take books from book distributors and wholesalers, which they attached a spreadsheet of 10 distributors and 3 wholesalers.

Distributors take a large percentage of the book cost, but they also advertise the book for you, so hopefully more copies of your book would be sold.  Book wholesalers house your book and have it in their catalogue so if a school, library, or bookstore wants to buy it they can.

Besides the large fee to set up an account with Baker & Taylor (my preferred book wholesaler) I also want to make kidsmenubooks.com look more professional.  I decided to run another crowdfunding campaign!  Hence you will see the campaign in the upper right : ).

At first I was going to go with Kickstarter again, but then I looked into Indiegogo… They have some features that I really liked, mainly the flexible pay and the extended ‘InDemand’ so people can purchase even after the campaign is over.

So here it is… http://igg.me/at/thepancakemenu

My Indiegogo campaign to raise money for a redesigned website for kidsmenubooks.com and to pay for set up fees so The Pancake Menu can get into libraries and bookstores!

Please considering supporting by purchasing a book for

  • You, your kids or grand-kids
  • Other family members
  • Your local elementary school
  • Your elementary school you attended as a child
  • Anyone who has kids ages 6-11!

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