According to this article entitled The Impact of Place Value on Mathematics it states “Place value is perhaps the most fundamental concept imbedded in the elementary and middle school mathematics curriculum.”  and why?  Because everything in computation hinges on it!

About two years ago I made a TpT/TN printable 32 page children’s book to help teachers with this very subject of place value. (you can subscribe to my YouTube channel too : ))  Here is a reading of it…

If that wasn’t enough for that product I also made some associated flash cards that go along with the book…

I gave a shortened freebie version, but I also have the whole pack of 1-100 cards with 4 versions.  You get 48 pages of cards…

  • 1-100 cards in B&W with numbers
  • 1-100 cards in B&W without numbers
  • 1-100 cards in color with numbers
  • 1-100 cards in color without numbers

With these cards you can do numerous games and activities!  It is easy for kids to visualize with oranges instead of the normal manipulative of little blocks and sticks.
I just felt like revisiting these products because with the start of the school year I know a lot of teachers could really use these products!  Take care!
When did/does school start for you?

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