It’s been a bit over a week, but I’ve been hard at work working on finishing touches of the book for the print-run, thanking my backers on Kickstarter, and preparing the final file for the Kindle version.  Whew!

First off, my Kickstarter just has today and tomorrow to fund.  I think I set my goal a bit high, so when I relaunch I will go for a lower amount.  I’m thinking $3-5,000 range.  Here is my video, which you still can back (until tomorrow).

And there is still this giveaway if you share it…

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The other exciting news is that the Kindle book can now be pre-ordered from Amazon!
Yay!  I am working with the printer on hardcovers and I have my release date set at July 18th.  I have my Library of Congress Control Number all set up and the barcode and ISBN ready…

I have to show you a sneak peek at the entire cover… it’s so great!

Back to work for me.  If anyone wants to have me as a guest blogger on their blog during my relaunch of the Kickstarter, I’d be thrilled.  Planned duration is Feb 13-Mar 4. : )

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