Here’s my children’s publishing project with only 24 days left to fund or fail…

Maybe you have been following, or maybe you are new.  Regardless, “Welcome!”

So, why did I do it?  Why attempt a Kickstarter when I could do other things to get my book out there?

I know my book is great and super fun.  Kids love it and it’s unlike any other book out there.  That was why no publisher or agent would take it–it’s different, unique.  I tried for several years and sent it out over 50 times, presented it to agents and editors in live face-to-face critiques, you name it I’ve probably tried it or thought about the potential for it.  Most of them agreed it’s a good idea, but wouldn’t know how to sell it.  ‘It doesn’t have a story.’ some would say, ‘You should make it with a story to be a real book.’

With so many different opinions I can only be happy with what I feel is best for this book, and that is to move forward.

I waited for years for other publishers to take it on.  I got tired of that and decided, Hey, my author business (an LLC) can be the publisher and maybe someday it might even become a publishing house of its own.  We shall see : )

I still love the name… Enjoy Learning Something

Funny story with how I ended up with that name.  I was talking to my husband and asking him what he thinks my business name should be.  I said, “I want it to be Enjoy Learning… something.” meaning I thought another word would go there.  His response was, “That sounds good.” and then I thought about it… Enjoy Learning Something is a great business name!  So I got it and I hired the graphic designer who helped me with my Kids Math Teacher logo to do a few logos and here are the finished ones : )

Well, back to the Kickstarter.  I only have 24 days left to fund or fail.  It doesn’t hurt to try and reach my goal, so I am giving it my all for the entire month.  I basically eat, breathe, think, dream, email, tweet, share, speak about spreading the word and getting this out to the masses.  I’m putting in as much time, emotional energy and excitement to get this funded!  I want you to have a hardcover of this–The Pancake Menu: What will you order?

If you like the idea, please help get the word out.  It only runs this month!

It’s a mad dash for me to prove that this is a worthwhile concept and idea: Get kids playing with math, whether they play with the money and ordering sheets, make the pancakes from the recipes in the book, or just think about what pancakes they would order.

I have various ways you can help!

  • Support it yourself : )
    • It speaks a lot to people if what you are sharing has been personally backed by you.
  • Word of mouth!
  • Direct message/email
    • Send a quick note to your email contacts that they might like to support this fun new kids novelty book this month (January 2015) or it may not get published! You can also show them : ) (after you’ve seen it and it gets your thumbs up)
  • Social media
    • Like my author page: Author.LucyRavitch, follow on Twitter: @Lucy_Ravitch, or add me to a circle on Google+
    • Share about it on FB and other places, that is super easy but not everyone may see it (doing it a few times a week would be a great way to help fund it).
    • I have some Tweets already made that you might consider using…
      • Help get this great #math resource published. Check out & support #ThePancakeMenu on Kickstarter
      • A fun KS for you! #ThePancakeMenu helps kids practice #math as they play! So fun & educational!
      • #Cooking with kids and practice #math at the same time!? Check out #ThePancakeMenu for 7-10 year olds.
      • I’m backing this Kickstarter! #ThePancakeMenu helps kids practice #math as they play! It’s fun & educational!
      • Help this Kickstarter get funded! #ThePancakeMenu helps kids practice #math as they play! It’s fun & educational!
      • Want kids to love #math? Make it fun & hands-on. #ThePancakeMenu helps kids practice #math as they play!
      • #Parenting may be a little easier w/ #ThePancakeMenu. Help your kids practice #math while playing restaurant!
    • Pin an image of the book cover or use my favorite one below (at the very bottom)!
    • Post about it on your blog or to your contacts.  I’m happy to do a blog interview if you’d like.
Thank you for all of your efforts and support.  Don’t forget if you want a bonus for doing these things you can enter my giveaway.

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You’re the best!  I wouldn’t be where I am now without my family, friends, supporters, and my faith.  Will you be able to support this?  I’d love to hear how you’ve share it so I can give you a big THANK YOU!

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