I’m getting a bit worried, but trying to keep my spirits high.  Only 25 day remain for my kickstarter to fund or not and I hit the 10% mark today.  I know it might be a bad time of year to run a Kickstarter, but I’m in and I’m running with it.  Many friends say they are going to buy it, but every hour that ticks by without a pledge is a bit nerve-wracking! So, if you haven’t already–Watch this video, click on it to be taken to the Kickstarter page where you can choose a reward, and check out with your Amazon account and share the great news with your friends : )

I didn’t work on the campaign on Sunday but I had prescheduled the post about the giveaway! I had a lot of people visit my page that day too. Hopefully, the giveaway will help–I think 2 backers came from it already–Thanks!  You can enter here and you can enter each day too : )
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Today my little kids went to day care so I could work on the campaign.  I was still emailing, tweeting, and brainstorming people, companies, etc. that might contribute to make this book get published for sure.  A good friend of mine has a little Spanish preschool, My Escuelita in Redondo Beach and we talked about having an event for parents to bring their kids and have a hands-on math activity, pancakes, and author reading (later on this month).  That will be so fun if we get to.  She still needed to do a few things to finalize her calendar, but I am really looking forward to sharing it with parents and, especially, kids!

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