It is day four of my project being live and I can’t believe how little time one month is!

I have been working on my book for years and I’m ready to finally get it out to the world and I’m devoting one entire month to see that it is successful.  I wanted to document the daily progress, thoughts, and stuff.

First off, if you haven’t seen my video–it’s a must.  I love it and I hope it gets you excited to order the book.  From the video, you can click it at anytime to learn more about the book and read the campaign page (or you can go to this link and she it with everyone you know!)

Day 1, Wed, December 31st 2014 was launch day.  I decided on this day because I signed up months ago to be Currently Linky sponsor at OhBoy4thGrade and I thought a bunch of teachers would be love to support it and buy it right on the spot.  What really happened was I got some more traffic, about 250 visits, but no backers from it.  Oh well, I had to launch the project at some point.  I took a video of my launch of the project but it was a little boring.  It took 2 minutes to launch it, but it seemed like even longer.

My first backer was my sweet husband!  I then had a pretty good response from friends and one $50 contribution from someone I don’t know that liked my husband’s post about it on Google+.  The first day seemed to go by so slowly but then I became elated when I had a $1,000 backer come from a church friend of mine.  It totally made my day and got my spirits up.  I was so happy she loved my project and saw the value in it.  So the first day I received pledges for $1400.

Day 2, Thurs, January 1st 2015 was slow, but a little to be expected with it being a holiday.  A few more pledges came in.  I continued my efforts emailing friends, direct messaging on Facebook, spending a bit of time with the family, and working on flyers to distribute.  I also got my press release posted and sent it to some media people (LA Times, Daily Breeze, online news people).  It is amazing how much time the trying to email and direct message people takes!

Day 3, Fri, January 2nd 2015 was still pretty slow.  I started to wonder if I need to beg and plead for people to please, please, PLEASE pledge something, anything to my campaign.  I don’t want to sound desperate, but time is ticking on if I will be able to raise enough money to do this and I want to see this through.  I went around to one place I knew there was a message board and posted my little flyers (maybe some kind soul will see it and help make a difference).  I couldn’t bring myself to leave them on people’s cars, but I was tempted to do it.

Day 4, Sat, January 3rd 2015 a couple more pledges came in and I’m up to $1,620 of my goal of $20,000.  A friend of mine today asked–why that much?  I don’t mind her asking–it does seem like a lot, but when you add up my expenses…

  • buying 1,000 copies of the hardcover (the minimum order to get a good printing price in China)
  • paying my video guy who did my KS video and is working on the tutorials for the pancakes.
  • copy editor
  • logo designer
  • daycare for my two toddlers so I can work on this project–before the campaign (2x a week for 6 months) and 5x a week during this month
  • USB and barcode
  • ebook formatting for a picture book (kind of pricy for illustrated books
  • Amazon gets their 5% cut and Kickstarter gets 5%
  • Shipping and packaging of the books
All those things add up.  
Part of me wants to shout out to the world that I have this great product that kids love and you need to buy and then there is the shy part of me that thinks I don’t want to disturb people while they are out and about.  They might not want to be bothered.  
So, I called my good friend from junior high up–she is awesome.  She is a creative type and has a lot of friends who have to do self promotion for their concerts, shows, albums, etc.  She gave me a good pep talk.  I shouldn’t be afraid to talk to people.  I just need to get it out there.  It’s one month.  Many people are busy, but if I keep posting something on my FB page or twitter feed they might actually do it, sign up for it, share it.  If I don’t do anything, I can’t hope to get anything.
I will try to be bold and reach out.  I have done so, SO much work for this (I’d estimate over 5000 hours) book and the series it is the start of. I hope you can support me: become a backer, share the project, talk to your friends and coworkers, be excited for me. : )  The link is RIGHT HERE: I’m proud of my book!


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