I think everyone is still in vacation mode and I’m hoping my fundraising efforts for my book will improve next week… The link is here to read all about my book: http://kck.st/1rA0zl7 or you can watch the video below and click on it to pre-order your copy.  It can’t get published without you!

Here is my video about my fun hands-on math book/cookbook.  If you can share it, I’d be so, SO grateful!  I only have this month of January to raise the money so I can have my printer in China do a bulk order for the hardcovers.  It is going to be a great book for your kids/students–promise!

Last night I got the press release ready and was busy sending it off to a few media people today (newspapers and online news sites).  I also made copies of my flyer I am passing out to friends or people I meet and talk about my book with.  If you want a copy it is right here : )

I had a good first day of the campaign but it has been slow the last couple of days.  This gave me time to think of ways to share my campaign… Please let me know if you can think of any other ways to share it.

  • Facebook/Twitter (check)
  • Google + communities (check)
  • emailing elementary school principles (check and still in progress)
  • emailing TN followers (check) & TpT followers (on my to-do list)
  • printed flyers (I suppose I could pass it out around local schools at release time…)
  • thinking of running an AdWords campaign…
Any other ideas of how to get the word out?  
Thanks for stopping by!

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