It is finally here (well, almost) January 2015 (in just a couple hours)!  I’ve been anticipating this for six months!  I’m this month’s Currently sponsor over at OhBoy4thGrade!  I have been working and waiting to share my book with everyone!  I launched the Kickstarter today!  I’ll put the video after my currently : )  I need help to get my book published–please share/contribute today!

Listening:  Well, by now we are consuming the donuts : ) It is a new years tradition…
Loving: I have been working on getting my book published for several years now and six month ago I decided to run a Kickstarter after Reading Rainbow had a successful time with their campaign.  It has been a good day and I can’t wait for more parents and teachers to find out about my campaign.
Thinking: I really had a great year!  I don’t have any complaints.  I have felt extremely blessed and there have been some great things happen this year!
Wanting: I have really big goals and I am doing all I can to make that happen.  It is still uncertain until it happens.  So far the response to my book has been great from friends and family.  I hope teachers and parents find it helpful and kids enjoy it as much as they like the mock book.
Needing: I didn’t sleep well last night so I am in need of a good night’s rest (probably a few to catch up)
Yes, I’m going to publish my awesome novelty book!  I am confident the fundraising will be successful and I’ll get to proceed with my publishing goal. : )
Maybe, I’ll go ahead and publish some of my other books independently, or maybe I’ll my other manuscripts will be picked up by a traditional publisher.
I wish I could be a guest on Ellen (this month, if possible).  I have been trying.  I submitted their online form to go on the show, but I don’t know if my Kickstarter is compelling enough to go on the show.  I live in LA so I don’t really need to make any special plans if they need a last minute guest ; )
So, here is my video and it links to the campaign page.  If you can share it, I’d be so, SO grateful!  I have a pinnable image for it from my post earlier today too.

Have a wonderful 2015!

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