Hey everyone!  I’m joining a whole bunch of other math bloggers for this month to bring you some great math gifts and stocking stuffers : )  The posts will go live on their calendar day so if you try to go ahead of the calendar you will get an error message.  I hope you enjoy the daily iHeart Math Holiday hop!

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Stocking Stuffer #1: Giving Back

I love doing good things for others.  It truly brings a good spirit to everyone–the giver and (most of the time) the receiver, and sometimes even those people around both those individuals!  Small and large acts of kindness don’t go unnoticed.  I hope at this season we can feel love and give love to others.  I often think of the idea of giving forward.  It’s neat to think about how many people can be touched by simple acts of kindness.  If I do a nice thing for 3 people this year, then they each do nice things for three more and it keeps going this way, how many times before over 100 people have been touched?  It doesn’t take too long…
For those of you celebrating Christmas I wanted to share with you this video about the true gift of Christmas : )

Stocking Stuffer #2:  Teaching Tip

I love teaching with hands-on applications, and I think most teachers do!  So, my tip this season is to take a bit of time to make snowflakes with your kids/students.  I loved it as a kid and still think it’s fun to do.  Working with symmetry and cutting paper to make fun shapes can only be fun (and a bit messy but nothing a broom and dustpan can’t fix).  I love how unique they can be!  I did find this site that gives 12 FREE printable templates in case you have younger kids that need a bit more help with folding and making a square paper.

And now..
I made a this fun sharing marshmallows freebie.  Division can be fun!  I hope you enjoy it : )

Don’t forget to link up tomorrow with Mr. Hughes at An Educator’s Life (click on the picture starting Dec 6th to reach the post)

Have a great remainder of 2014!  Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and Happy New Year!

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