Happy December!  Farley over at OhBoy is having her monthly linky party!  I hope we can all give something extra special this holiday season!
Listening: It is still quiet here at my house.  The older three kids are off to school, but my sick husband and two little kids are still asnoozing.  They need their rest.
Loving: It is December!  It is so much closer to the New Year (when I’m putting on my Kickstarter for the month of January!!! and I’ll be the sponsor for next month’s Currently)  Plus, December is such a fun month with family and fun because of the giving spirit.
Thinking:  I have so many things to do but there is so little time left.  I am taking it in stride, though.  I’m excited to get as much done as I can every day.
Wanting:  I really want to finish the layout of my book before the end of the year so I can have it as complete as possible, but I am still waiting for my loving hubby to get me the pictures he is processing.  We did a photo shoot at the end of August and I need my photos to finish the recipe pages of The Pancake Menu.
Needing:  My husband and I are in a competition to loose weight.  For every pound I lose he is supposed to drop a kilogram (2.2 lbs).  Our competition ends January 4th and I’m not sure who is winning.  I need to step it up though.  With the kids sick it is harder to get to the gym.
Giving: Excited to be part of the iHeart Math Blog Hop going on through most of the month.  My post goes up on the 5th.  I love giving and I love the thoughtful homemade gifts : )  What about you?
Thanks for stopping by!

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