It has been a rough two weeks with my kids sick, huband sick, and then myself getting the yucky cough and fever/chills too!  So, I haven’t been able to get much math work done but I have been actively working on my book–big time.

My friend, Chris Johnston, over at finished my Kickstarter video last week.  I am totally excited to show it to you!  You can see it here on my work-in-progress Kickstarter page (but my project will not be live until Dec 31).

Here are some of the fun pictures I got of neighbor kids and some of my friends’ kids while I was getting things together for the film…

It was so fun seeing how much the kids enjoyed the book and some of them really got into ordering!  The other day I got to turn it into a prototype hardcover and I had my daughter take a picture : )

Thanks for all of your support and as you can tell I am totally enthusiastic about my 1st book in the Kids Menu Books series to be published.  Hope everyone is staying warm and healthy!
Have a great Veteran’s Day!

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