Yay for November!  It’s getting even closer to January when I’m the currently sponsor and I get to share my Kickstarter with a bunch of teachers!

I love that Farley puts on this great linky every month were we get to learn about how so many teacher bloggers are doing.  I love to read them all!

Here’s mine…

Listening:  Well, it was still.  Now my dog is scratching at my door!

Loving: That my Kickstarter that will be running Dec 31-Jan 31 is really taking shape.  Hooray! You can see a preview of it here.  Feel free to write any comments! The video is almost done and I just need to finish working on the recipe pages.

Thinking: I have been spending a lot of time on my book and the Kickstarter.  I kind of think of it 24/7–but I have waited so long to see it come to life.  Anyway, need to set aside 20 minutes or more a day to make sure I just focus on the family : )

Wanting: My husband has been sitting on a to do item I’ve had for him for a while.  Don’t want to be a nag, but in order to work on my recipe pages for the book I need him to finish processing the pictures he took.

Needing: With all this work, an assistant would be nice!  Any ideas?  One friend of mine said looking into hiring an intern.

Reading: Story Sprouts 2014.  It came out last month!  I’ve ready my stories in it, but I need to finish reading everyone else’s.  So far it is amazing!
  I hope everyone has a great November!

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