Hey everyone!  I have been SO incredibly busy with working on a book, taking care of family, and basically–not having time to update the blog.  So, I didn’t get to a MaTh (math activity Thursday) today but I wanted to tell you the exciting news–a cart directly on my blog : )

I love TpT and TN, but they take a chunk of change and I can sell you my products for less directly from my site.  It is safe and uses Paypal.  I used ejunkie.com to set up my cart.  I hope you will enjoy my Trouble with Monkeys book–it’s the only product listed right now, but I will be working to put up others ASAP.

To check out my shop simply go to the orange heart with the cart
(hey, that rhymes) in the header.

I hope everyone is having a great time and loving fall : )  I have many posts to catch up on.  Maybe I’ll do some now and post them throughout the next couple weeks.

I hope you enjoy the shopping experience here!  What math products would you love to see?

P.S. If you use the shopping cart, I’d love to hear if it was a smooth experience or not.  Thanks!

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