Here’s a fairly simple activity for your preschoolers and Kindergartners… Make and play with play dough!

Sorry, I’m in a hurry this morning… carpet cleaner is coming in less than an hour and I still have to get stuff ready.  Here is the MaTh for today!

It was actually really easy to make play dough…  15 minutes from start to finish.  The recipe I used was the first this post but I only made 1/3 of the recipe and it still made a lot.

 Then once you have the dough you can play and talk about math.  How many fingerprints are in the dough?  Four, three thumbs and a pinky!

 What does the measurement of tablespoon, teaspoon and 1/2 a teaspoon look like?

 You can put objects in your dough, count them, measure them, see what impressions they make… the possibilities of play are endless.

Have fun making dough and talking about math!

Remember that all month you can add your link to Kindergarten MaTh (and next month is a 1st grade focus).  Enjoy your summer!

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