Hey everyone.  I’m super excited to be a guest blogger at Fifth in the Middle in a matter of hours!  Diane is so sweet and she has awesome stuff on her blog!

This is the first week all my kids are home and we have been keeping busy.  Even the end of last week was pretty eventful.  We went to Pacific Park on Thursday

And the next day the 3-year-old decided to cut a bunch of her hair so she got a short haircut.

Yesterday we spent time walking to the park and playing there.  Today we went to the beach.  The kids had fun.  My 18-month boy wasn’t too excited about the sand but eventually decided it was okay to walk on–especially if seagulls were walking on it (he was all after them).

Now to do more educational stuff with the kids and to remember to take pictures…

See you on Thursday for MaTh activity Thursday.  I hope everyone else is having a good summer!

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