I must admit I watch little to no TV.  I don’t have the time and I usually feel like I could be doing something more purposeful with my time.  Although, Once Upon a Time is the only show I keep up with these days.

I wonder what other shows teachers watch…  I am sure it varies but it would be neat to hear what your favorite shows are.

With my plans to make the Kickstarter campaign in January I’ve already started to think of blogs I would like to contact to share the news about my book (if you want to make a post about my book in January I would LOVE it–just email me)–I think my book would be applicable to teacher blogs, mommy blogs, and homeschooling blogs.  I have also thought that since I live in Los Angeles, I might as well try and get some media coverage.  I can dream big, right?

So, yesterday I was looking at the Ellen Show online and right there–the second thing they were asking for–was if you have a project that needs to get funded.  Yes!  Right here–in January.  So, I submitted my info into the form and (fingers crossed) the producers will find my Kids Menu Books interesting enough to bring me onto the show.  I haven’t watched much of that show, clips here and there but when I poked around to see what else they had done in the past I see why people would enjoy watching Ellen.  Funny stuff!

I was trying to brainstorm what other shows would be applicable.  I might check out radio talk shows and some other news oriented ones.  If you have any ideas, please shoot them out.

I hope everyone is having a nice start to their break (or will in the near future)!

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