Hey, I totally missed my normal post yesterday.  I am feeling swamped but I am keeping my head above water (just not enough to have posted yesterday).  : )

I figured I would participate in Doodle Bugs weekly linky

Okay, so what have I done this past week…  feels like a lot, but when I try and remember anything it seems like a blur, but here goes…

1.  Last Saturday I worked on and led a bunch of volunteers all day renovating and expanding my kids’ elementary school garden.  My post about that one is here.

2.  It’s been very busy taking care of my two toddlers.  The littlest one still has a cough and I took him into the pediatrician again.  This time we get to give him breathing treatments every four hours.

He was okay with it the first time, but the fun has worn off now and it isn’t easy.  Most of the time I have to pretend I want to do it and then he is more willing to try.

3.  Did I mention it is hard taking care of toddlers?  This week’s excitement has included the littlest one being able to push chairs around and climb to almost anything he wants.  I’ve had to put the knives on top of the refrigerator!  One day the older toddler got open a Costco size bottle of chewable vitamin C and the two kids had quite a few before I discovered it.

4.  A good friend from church passed away this week after a six-month battle with cancer.  I have been making arrangements to help with a luncheon for the family, including doing the floral centerpieces and making one big easel floral piece.  We’ll miss you Barbara but so happy you are free from pain.

5.  Busy, busy with the vacation rental unit VRBO.com/561194 

Yesterday I was making the final prep for our guests that were coming.  I finally got around to planting a few things in the backyard that I had been meaning to get in the ground since Saturday.  Then I saw an email that the people needed to cancel due to a family emergency.  I was able to refund a majority of their payment and hoped someone else might come.  Well, just a couple hours later someone booked for this weekend!  I am feeling very blessed.

I hope everyone had a great teacher appreciate week!  Have a great rest of the school year too : )

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