Hey everyone!  It’s that time again, the first of the month when Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade has her fun linky party!  Here goes…

Listening:  Well, he has quieted down now, but at the time I was working on the image Lucky wasn’t too excited about the neighbors getting home…  silly dog.  Sometimes he thinks he is part cat too!  Just look at one of his favorite spots…that is the top of the couch.

Loving: That April is finally over.  That A to Z blogging challenge was difficult, especially with my kids having 2 weeks of spring break and all of us getting sick.  Let it be known that being vaccinated for the whooping cough doesn’t mean you can’t get it (yucky stuff, especially once you take the medicine to get over it).  Looking ahead to great things though (keeping fingers crossed that I get a literary agent for my kids books soon).

Thinking:  I have so, so much to do and get done but there is only so much of me to go around and so many hours in the day.  Right now is me time, though : )  During the day I hardly get any of that.

Wanting: A bit more energy would be nice!  I’ve been tired lately, but it might be the warm weather.  I think a pedicure would be nice.  I’ve only gotten two my whole life, but they were pretty fun–I think I should get one more often : )

Needing:  Air conditioning (melting!)  It is pretty hot here in southern CA.  I live near the beach so most buildings weren’t made with A/C, but once in a while it would help (at least I have ceiling fans though).

Surprise:  I am planning a teacher appreciation giveaway!  I’d love to hear which product you think I should give away…  I was thinking of giving away one product to the first 50 people!  And for everyone I will have a sale of course : )

See you later!

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