I’ve been super busy and I’m starting to get behind on the A to Z blogging challenge, but hopefully I can catch up.

T is for telling time.  For elementary school a big focus on telling time is being able to read an analog clock (the clocks with hands).  Reading a digital clock is easy, but knowing all about time is good.  I think it’s important that kids talk about time, knowing that there are 24 hours in a day which are typically broken into the 12 AM hours and the 12 PM hours.  You can draw pictures of what you are doing at each hour of the day.  Children might be surprised by how many hours are taken up by sleep!

Regarding reading clocks…

it is a skill kids need to practice, but once they understand the system is should be easier to do.  The short hand reads the hour and if it isn’t exactly on a number, the hour is the last number it touched (when it is 7:50 some children think the hour is 8).

Have fun teaching time!

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