Have you ever realized how many math symbols our kids need to learn?

+   –   =  x  ÷   #  $  ¢  % .  and even the written numbers are symbols… 0  1  2  3   4  5   6   7   8   9

There are quite a few, but if we use them, draw them, and incorporate them into regular talk with our kids they will become familiar with them at a young age.

Do you have a favorite math symbol?

I think if I had to choose it would be this one… ∞

And to go totally off topic of math.  I hired someone to help me clean my house today.  Wow!  It was totally worth it.  These two ladies cleaned so much and I was busy behind them putting away a bunch of stuff.  I must admit, I think one problem why my house isn’t as tidy as I’d like is we have way too much stuff.  I am considering having them come on a weekly basis for a month or two just to tame everything (and I can donate what we don’t need anymore) and then go to once or twice a month.  Between five kids, their activities, cooking and cleaning, grocery shopping, managing our finances, trying to work on my books, keeping up with laundry (notice that is one of the last things I normally think about), making sure homework gets done, among a numerous amount of other things, I think I deserve some help cleaning.

I even noticed that my 12 year old cleaned up a little mess he made on the counter tonight since the mess was so obvious (I think when it isn’t the only mess on the counter there isn’t much motivation to keep the counter clean).

I wanted to mention, my daughter has been watching some episodes of 19 Kids and Counting recently and the Duggar house is always immaculate!  I think she must have the most amazing energy level and great organizational skills in order to balance all she does.  Her husband is super supportive too!  They are an exemplary family and it is probably the only reality TV show I like.  Anyway, just wanted to share.

Have a great day!

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