M for Multiplication–yay!  I love to teach multiplication.  How about you!

Kids like shortcuts, right?!  When you are teaching your students let them know that when you multiply you are really just doing a shortcut.

3×4 is really doing a shortcut for 3 groups of 4 things and instead of adding them all one at a time we can remember the totals of these!  I do have conceptual multiplication flash cards (for sale on TN, TpT) for 1×6 through 1×12.  There are three cards for each multiple!   This is what they look like…

Do your children struggle with multiplication or do they love it?

Another way I like to teach it is by looking at patterns on a 100 chart.

It was a wise fourth grade teacher of mine who let me take a small group of struggling students and do small tutoring sessions during math time.  That is the year I know I wanted to be a teacher.  The moments when my classmates understood how the math patterns worked and how multiplication was really about groups was priceless. : )

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