Hey everyone!  I’m finally having my blogiversary giveaway!

But first, I am a day behind on the A to Z blogging challenge so I am doubling up today with I and K.

I is for isosceles!  Okay, call me funny but I love triangles.  I thought it was so neat when I found out in junior high that there were different names for them and all about the angles and sides.  Here is how I would have drawn an isosceles triangle before I knew about the cool shortcuts (on the left).  Then on the right is with the equilateral marks (looks so much better!).

A fun triangle activity to do with kids is take any line segment (like a 10″ thin strip of paper) and cut it twice to make 3 sections and put the ends together to form a triangle.  See how everyone’s triangle is different!  Do the kids know that the interior angles of all of their triangles adds up to 180 degrees?

Now onto K–for Kids Math Teacher!  Okay, I was thinking of doing kite (another geometry term) but then I decided to highlight my blogiversary.  A lot has happened over the last year and I never really thought I would have accomplished so much.  There were days when a lot got done and other days that weren’t nearly as productive, but the year went well!

In the past year…

  • I designed and continued to make my blog design a little better (I did it myself–and that was a big learning curve). 
  • I opened up shops on TpT, TN, and BST
  • I started a Pinterest account
  • Made a facebook fan page
  • Learned how to do more graphic design work (I knew a little)
  • Worked on revising several manuscripts and selling one as a printable book.
  • Had some great guest bloggers on here
  • Started a Google + community called Elementary School Teachers
  • I have met great, supportive bloggers and followers just like you!
Wow!  What a year!  I know every blogger progresses at a different pace, I’m slower than some and I know I may be faster than others.  Here are my stats for the past year…
Thanks for making is a great year!  As a thank you I am having a giveaway that will end next Friday at midnight Pacific.
Here are the three prizes!
  1. 6 pack of Lollipics with your custom image!  They will look something like this…

    and they are yummy!

  2. 1 copy of Trouble with Monkeys: A place value story (an original printable book)
  3. 1 set of Animal Cap Kids clipart!

Good luck in the giveaway and thanks for visiting!

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