Today has been one of those days–hard to get the motivation to do anything.  Probably since I stayed up too late blog surfing : )

I love the A to Z challenge, but I feel I don’t put in enough effort to visit other blogs so I took about 3 hours last night visiting other blogs and leaving comments.

Okay, now for G for Geometry!

Can kids know about Geometry?  They sure can!  They can learn about 2D shapes and 3D figures, along with terms about angles, lines, curves, and vertices.  One of the fun things I love about teaching kids (especially little ones) is that they think it is fun to learn stuff (especially if you tell them that they probably won’t be taught it until they are in 5th grade, or better yet–high school).

Geometry can be fun to teach your kids.  As they discover shapes and angles talk about the details of them.  Your kids may surprise you with what they know and how they think about things already.

For a fun geometric toy I LOVE magformers.  I got my first set a few years ago and then I have since gotten about 5 more sets.  Here is a link to a starter set on Amazon…
Magformers Rainbow 30 Piece Set

My baby plays with them as well as all my children–even my 12 year old (he makes the coolest structures!)

I have a board book that I made that introduces 3D shapes with flowers in their vases (and the vases are the 3D figure).  So far people have said it is way too advanced for toddlers, but I still think it wouldn’t hurt to expose children to new things and identify more complicated shapes to their ever-growing vocabulary.  What do you think?

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