E is for Equation!

In an equation we need to find the solution to find the equivalent value on each side of the equal sign.

Let’s use the example: x + 9 = 13

Most elementary students are taught to think “What plus nine equals thirteen?” and they look at a number line and see how many jumps it takes.  I think with the Common Core curriculum the students are being challenged to think if there are any other ways to solve it.  Maybe we can even let them figure out what is taught in Algebra with taking away nine from each side of the equation. x + 9 (-9) = 13 (-9)  where the nine turns into zero and we are left with x = 4.

Equations are used in all degrees of mathematics and can be fun and challenging to solve.  As we teach children that it can be fun to solve math problems they can learn to solve every day curiosities/questions.  (How many seconds does it take to run to that tree?  If I have 9 raisins and need to split it equally with two other friends, how many will we each get?)

As a kid I didn’t enjoy ‘reading’ word problems but I did think they were more enjoyable to solve than a bunch of equations.  Did you enjoy math as a kid?  Do you feel the same way now?

Oh, for my B for balancing post I came accross this from Wikipedia: The = symbol was invented by Robert Recorde (1510–1558), who considered that nothing could be more equal than parallel straight lines with the same length.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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