B is for Balancing!

As a kid I loved to balance.  I could balance on one foot, balance a baton on one finger, and sometimes I could balance on my head (but that was difficult for more than 2 seconds!).  My favorite thing was probably walking on a skinny ledge while I walked across!  It took a good internal balance.

To teach kids about balance it is really about distributing things equally on each side.  Just look at a scale…

Using a scale it is easy to see when something is not in balance or completely level.  Even look at the = sign… does it look balanced?  It is!  And that is because whatever we put on either side of the equal sign have to balance.

I don’t know if you noticed but in my logo there is an equal sign.  Can you see it?  When you look at the picture of the scale, can you see the equal sign with the bar that holds the bowls?  I think it is fun to find connections like that and I think kids find it fascinating too.

As you teach children they would probably love to be a scale!  Gather two plastic bags and equally weighted things to put in the bags they hold in each hand.  Anything would work–tennis balls, boxes of crackers, candy, books, etc.  With their eyes closed can they tell if one side is heavier or if the weights are equal?

Exploring with math can be a lot of fun.  Did you ever notice the connection between a balanced scale and the equal sign?

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