Sorry I didn’t get to do my math activity Thursday earlier.  I was SUPER busy getting things ready for my daughter’s slumber party this weekend and getting everything together for the twin girl babies’ shower I’m throwing for a close friend : )

For my daughter’s party she has been doing mostly everything–she is so independent and knows just how she wants things to be.  We bought some decorations, favors, etc. earlier last week but I’m busy cleaning (or trying to clean the house–very difficult with two toddlers).

Although, I have been working a lot on on the baby shower stuff for Saturday.  Here is what I have done so far…

I bought stuff for the group gift–diaper bag that is packed with diapers, wipes, baby needs, baby socks that look like shoes, and teething toys.  I also bought a whole bunch of matching girl clothes with the group gift money.  I figure with two little ones, plus the three she already has, trying to get out and buy stuff with a gift card would be difficult (to say the least!).

Then, last Sunday I thought that it would be fun to make matching quilts–I have a lot of fabric that I need to make stuff with but just haven’t made the time.  I still need to work on the edging but here is a picture of just the quilted top on Tuesday

and all I have left is to finish the edging…  This second picture was taken at night and my phone does not show pink very well.

Then I had bought the Costco two pack of Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo/body wash and I thought I should get her towels but it seemed like towels were so expensive.  Sooo, I decided to search the web and sew up some hooded towels.  I got a basic design from Not Just a Housewife but I did it a little differently.  I didn’t do the center pleat at all.  I sewed the hood onto the towel and then put my embelishment around the hood all the way down the towel on each side…Here’s the pic!

They are pretty big, but I bet her girls she already has will enjoy them too : )
The other day a friend of mine came over and helped me assemble diaper cakes (yep, two–one for each baby)

Then I had another friend come over this morning and help me assemble 50 party favors.  It turned out super cute!  She thought of this idea and I made this printable tag that says–Two to kiss, two to hug, but most of all there’s two to love.  Thank you for coming! (and they have Hershey kisses and hugs)

Here is a picture of them complete (the bright pink color doesn’t show well at night, but you get the point)

Then I made bingo cards for when she opens up presents (found that idea on babycenter).
I have some other games and one activity–a twin girl name activity.
  • Everyone writes a girl name on the paper and then they pass is to the right.
  • The second person puts a girl name that would be a good name for a twin.
  • The papers get passed again and the third person now writes the last name written and a matching twin name.
  • Keeps going… The fourth person writes the last name written plus a matching name.

Well, I am exhausted.  I still have a bunch to do tomorrow and the following day (but it should be a lot of fun)!

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