I’ve been busy, busy working on this freebie and other products for you.  I know some of you have already had the 100th day of school and some are still gearing up for it, but I thought it would be fun to make a freebie that is related to my paid picture book Trouble with Monkeys: A place value story.  Although, I wanted it to be something you could use even if you don’t buy my wonderful book.  By the way, I made a YouTube video of me reading my book here for your enjoyment.

Okay, so what is today’s freebie?  It deals with K.CC.A.1 which is about counting to 100 by ones and tens.  I made a pack of concept number cards for everyone.  They show representations of 1-20 (with ones being the single oranges and tens being bags of oranges).  There is also a 30, 40, 50, & 100 card in this freebie pack.  I am still working on the complete 1-100 pack (those high numbers are taking longer than I thought to copy and paste all the objects!)  So, here is a picture of page 2…

Here are just a few activities you can do with these cards…
  • Practice counting (the obvious one first)
  • Pick two cards and state which it as a greater than/less than statement.
  • Split up the cards and kids play war flipping over the cards.  The highest number gets the two cards until there is a winner who aquires all the cards.
  • Practice addition or subtraction by picking two or more cards and putting them into a problem.
  • Make possible word problems to go along with cards you choose.
  • Practice counting by 10s.
  • Practice expanded form (15 = 10 + 5)
  • If you read Trouble with Monkeys or watch the video act out juggling the ones and dancing with the bag(s).

The list can probably go on… You can grab your freebie on TpT here or TN here.

I’m also starting to sell on Buy, Sell, Teach.  Here is my Buy Sell Teach store.  I haven’t been able to put up all my things there yet, but it’s another place to shop if you wanted to try something new.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!  I’d love to see more links for Math activity Thursday–Kindergarten edition.

Kids Math Teacher Math activity Thursday--Kindergarten

Next week will be doing MaTh with 1st Grade posts for the whole month of February!

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