There is barely any time left of Monday but I’ll try and post before it’s Tuesday : )  I was so excited that Tara at 4th Grade Frolics did MMI today.

I had finally got to reading the forums on Teacherpayteachers and I learned a lot of cool stuff.  By communicating with people back and forth there they encouraged me to have clip art on my shop.  So, my 
is that I finally looked at tutorials and practiced turning some drawings into digital drawings!  I can draw pretty well, but I decided to start with some cute characters my 10-year-old daughter drew.  Her lovely picture turned out super cute.  Here is the progression…
We had a lot of fun!
Then we had to come up with a name for our clip art side of Kids Math Teacher.  Which brings me to 
which was coming up with that name and logo.  We brainstormed and eventually decided on Kids Math Teacher Endless Doodles.  I love it!  Here is our final result for the logo.
Then with this new logo I had more stuff to do…
I needed to put it on my stores and also on my profile picture : )
I was busy doing dragon boy today and hopefully within a week or two I will have our first product up.
I am so excited that my daughter wants to get involved in this and I’ll be giving her 50% of all the sales based on her drawings.  Now I just have to get more used to making drawings digital (right now I am still pretty slow and each drawing takes 2-4 hours while it takes her 15 minutes to draw a character on paper).
So, what are your thoughts on bunny girl?  Isn’t she is adorable!

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