Happy new year!  I decided what to do for my Math activity Thursday!  I will theme the months by grades.  For my guest bloggers I do the same thing (Let me know if you ever want to be a guest here).  This is the schedule..

  • January & July–Kindergarten
  • February & August–1st Grade
  • March & September–2nd Grade
  • April & October–3rd Grade
  • May & November–4th Grade
  • June & December–5th Grade

So when you link up try and make the post applicable to that month’s grade level.

Today I made a freebie which is part of a bigger pack I am working on.  It is called ‘Meet my frogs!’  It is fun for Kinder and First grade.  Here is what it looks like.  You can download yours free here.

Basically, students color 2-10 frogs with two different colors of their choice.  They write the names of the colors they used and the shape they will be pasting their frogs onto (in the free sample it is a square, but my paid version will have more shape pages and even 3D shapes too).

I love making activities that the kids get to choose and make their own.  Like in this activity the kids get to choose their colors and how many frogs they will use and color each color.

If you have a math post you want to share that would be great for Kindergarten teachers (or parents) please link it below!

Now onto the Currently linky with Oh Boy!  I filled out my Currently last night and here it is…

Listening–When did Duck Dynasty get so popular anyway?!
Loving–Yes, I’m so happy that one of my picture books I wrote is now available for you to buy! (Although there is still a giveaway running on Teachers Notebook for it.)
Thinking–Too much stuff on my mind…
Wanting and Needing is pretty straightforward.
Memory/Tradition–Watching the Rose Parade with my family.  We really need to go or at least see the floats they display for the next couple of days.  We only live about 12 miles from Pasadena (but with LA traffic that could be over an hour to get there).

Thanks for stopping by!  Remember to link up if you blog about Kinder math and if you don’t you can join during other months when your grade level is highlighted : )

By the way, do you like the freebie?

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