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I am uber excited because I have been working all day on my PDF for my place value book ‘Trouble with Monkeys: A place value story’.  It is ready and I will be having a giveaway!  Don’t get me wrong–it didn’t take just a day to complete this book.  It took two years to polish the manuscript, but I have since done a major revision and now I am selling this version for all teachers and parents out there.

Trouble with Monkeys is a story about a boy who tries to pack oranges at his Dad’s packing house while his Dad’s away, but mischievous monkeys have escaped from the zoo and got there first.  The young boy is able to get obscure helpers from around the city and the oranges go from single oranges, into bags, into boxes, onto pallets, into trucks, onto trains, and eventually sail away on a cargo ship with one million oranges.  Who knew a group of monkeys could be so much trouble while packing oranges?

But wait, you can probably get it in the giveaway!  If I get over 300 points of entries I will give away my PDF of the book to all people who entered (if not, I will give away 15 copies).  So tell your friends and share the good news!

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Also, just so you know…

K5 Learning has an online reading and math program for kindergarten to grade 5 students. I’ve been given a 6 week free trial to test and write a review of their program. If you are a blogger, you may want to check out their open invitation to write an online learning review of their program.  I’m about to get my free trial and then I’ll tell you about it in February!

Good luck entering the giveaway!  I hope I can have everyone be a winner!

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