So, I actually have some crafts that I did for (4th Grade Frolics) Monday Made it!  Thanks to a church activity this past Saturday : )

Here they are…

Cookie mix in a jar is #1

#2 Paint stick ornaments.  These are made from the large paint sticks.

#3 Picture block decoration.  Paint + wooden block + 4×6 picture (my picture is the Los Angeles LDS Temple) + Mod Podge.

I actually have plenty of other ‘made its’ but they don’t have a picture to go with them.

#4 I got to help put together the kits for all these projects with my friend and babysit her kids one afternoon so she could go shopping and get last minute supplies for the projects.

#5 I baked muffins and cut up a lot of fruit to make two bowls of fruit salad for a friends funeral yesterday.  She passed very unexpectedly, so it was an emotional funeral but it was nice to celebrate her life.  I’m keeping her family in my prayers.

On top of that the last couple of nights I have had a terrible sinus headache.  My nose feels fine but behind my eyes aches and every time I move my head my ear canals and back of the neck really hurt.  It feels a little bit better during the day, but hoping this clears up soon.

Hopefully you’ll be back on Thursday for Math activity Thursday and Saturday I will be having a guest blog post : )

How was your weekend?

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