Okay, my life has been very busy, but I am finally posting today for the Currently Linky Party with Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade.

So, here is my November Currently…

Listening–Yep, only my clock.  All the kids are in bed and my husband is downstairs watching the last recorded episode of Agents of Shield.  I am very happy to have some down time to catch up with this fun linky party : )

Loving–All the things I was finally able to do today!  I started off the day feeling kind of down (piles of stuff throughout the house were annoying me and I was feeling like I can never keep up).  I called a few friends as I cleaned and they were able to cheer me up (yay for friends).  I did dishes, laundry, cleaned several areas of the house, and put away laundry, made sure kids were bathed, and made/cleaned up dinner.  Whew, and I’m probably going to sleep well tonight.

Thinking–I need to sit down a write down my schedule of things I want to do for ME.  I have a whole calendar full of stuff that needs to get done for the kids and the house, but I need to write down my goals with achievable deadlines : )

Wanting–A date night with my husband.  The last date night was about a month ago and it was wonderful!  I miss time when we used to go out more often.  It is hard to arrange for babysitting when you have five kids and the 12 year-old doesn’t really thinks he needs a babysitter.  I know we have a work party coming up in a month, but it would be nice to get in one more before then.

Needing–To get used to this daylight savings time change.  I am not really sure why we do it, but hopefully I can adjust soon.  I have been so sleepy the last couple days.  Probably since the baby is still on his regular schedule so 7AM is now 6AM wake up time (yawn).

Yummy Pin:  Chocolate and fruit (two of my favorite foods!)

And beyond the currently linky I have other exciting news!  My non-profit writing group that I am the Secretary of just published the first annual anthology!  It’s up on Amazon in softcover and digitally for the Kindle!
I have two writing pieces in it.  The cool thing about the CBW-LA Anthology is it goes through our day of writing exercises!  I am a third of the way through my copy.  It is really fun reading everyone’s stories and personal writing experiences.  On Saturday we had our launch party with about 35 people attending.  Here are some pictures : )    We had a sparkling cider toast…

And a picture of 13 of the 19 authors with our book cover poster…

A picture of some #StorySprouts books and the tasty cake!

We had some time to autograph each others books!
After it was over and we had cleaned up, the Children’s Book Writers of Los Angeles Board headed outside : )  You can follow our group CBW-LA on facebook too!

It was a fun afternoon and I got to spend time with my sweet writing friends!

I hope to see you back on Thursday for MaTh (Math activity Thursday) where you can link up!

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