This will be a short post.  Combine toothache, teething baby, having a cold come on equals a very sleepless night!

I had recently done a rounding post (which you can see here), but going with my new theme of a CCSS for MaTh it rounding happened to come up again.  Here is 3.NBT.A.1–Use place value understanding to round whole numbers to the nearest 10 or 100.

Since I don’t have much time or energy for coming up with a new activity I just have some suggestions…

  • Show things visually (use manipulatives or for a change try using food–like raisins, grapes, etc.)
    • Put the ones into little bags of tens, then once you have ten of those put it into a box of a hundred.
  • Have fun playing with money in a pretend store.
  • Have the kids play a game similar to duck duck goose where there is a kids representing the ones, one representing the tens and another one for the hundreds.  They have cards in front of them and they pick a random digit.  When two kids go around and eventually one says “round” and the other will say “tens” or “hundreds” the kids sitting raise a digit then the first child standing to shout the correct answer gets a point and sits down.  The one who needs more practice gets to keep playing.

Also, over at Math Coach’s Corner she had a number line rounding post that was excellent!

Now it is your turn to link up!  Have a happy Thursday!

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