Introducing Martha and Wendie at 2 Smart Wenches!  They have a fun freebie and Halloween treat for you!   ~Lucy

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We are so delighted to be guest bloggers here at Kids Math Teacher. We just completed this activity with our students this week and are excited to share it with you. There are many variations that can be done with this activity to suit your grade level. Wendie and I teach third grade and the students did an amazing job. First, we began by discussing what a line of symmetry is and completing half of a symmetrical monster.

Then, students created their own symmetrical monsters using construction paper (monster colors). Here are some examples created by our kiddos.

Now for the real fun part. Students added symmetrical details and googly eyes to their monsters.

Finally, they used descriptive words and action words to write a descriptive paragraph about their monster. 

Possible variations could be having students add specific geometric shapes and/or fractions like 3/5  of the shapes need to be squares. Look how cool it all comes together. The students were very creative in their monster symmetry creations and their paragraphs. We hope your students will enjoy as much as ours did.

For your free monster symmetry lesson just click on the pic.

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