Fractions, schmactions.  What’s the big deal for understanding fractions?  It’s an important concept that shows there are numbers between whole numbers!  Understanding fractions helps understand the concept of sharing, dividing, and decimals.  So, that is why I picked today’s MaTh activity Thursday to be with fractions…

Fractions are really all around us.  There are linear fractions like this, or there are handy strip fractions, or pie fractions.  I also have some past posts about teaching fractions with egg cartons here and here.

There are many ways to teach fractions.  How do you teach it?
Do you fold papers to show fractions, split manipulatives maybe?

There are a few neat products from Amazon too : )

This one is the standard strip type, but with tiles.

This one has lego-type pieces that label not only the fraction, but the decimal value and the percentage!

Then there is even a neat egg fraction one.  It is neat because you show equivalent fractions, so if you look at the product picture is says to show 3/6 which means 1/2, but what you do is put little hoops around the eggs to groups them, so 6/12 is 3/6!

Anyway, I would love to hear how you teach fractions!  Also, you have about 5 days to link up any math post.

One last question–do you think I should leave the link up longer?  For example, leave the link open for four months so teachers and bloggers can link up their fraction post to this one, or their rounding post to the rounding link…  Thanks your your insights to this

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