Distance–we can walk, bike, drive, fly, and ride places in various ways.  We can talk about how far away things are in the distance.  They are all math related.  : )

In the U.S. we use a weird metric system–‘US Standard Units’.  I wonder if we will ever convert to the metric system?

Anyway, here are some ideas you can do with children to have fun with distance.

  • See how far you can throw a ball.  If you do it three times, do they all go the same distance?
  • How far you can run, walk, or cartwheel in 30 seconds–then measure the distance (Alternately you can pick a certain distance and time how long it takes to walk, run, or crawl that distance.)  You could have awards based on the most interesting way to go a certain distance (hopping on one foot backwards?)
  • On a road trip, have the kids find the mile markers.  Can they find each one? (I think they are supposed to be marked each mile, but I’m not convinced)
  • If you go on a flight, find the average speed your plane will have to fly to get to your destination?  I know that may be a little advanced for most elementary students, but kids love a challenge, right?!
Do you ever teach distance in your class?  What is your favorite way to teach it?
Join me on Thursday for MaTh activity Thursday and ‘balancing’.

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