Sharing is really just dividing.  Hopefully when we share we make it fair and divide equally, but if not then a discussion of ratios can come up or fractions.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to talk about sharing a banana split…

This is the banana split I shared with one of my kids last week while we were in Monterey on vacation : )  It was yummy!

But what if you wanted to share a banana split with your whole class?!  It would be kind of hard, so I decided to just use the banana and split that : )

Here are the steps of sharing a couple of bananas with a class full of kids…

Wasn’t that easy?  It isn’t necessary to find what percent each child would get, but it may be fun to see if students would know how to equally share the bananas.  Do you think 4th graders or even 2nd graders would know that you could measure them and then divide the measurement by how many parts you need?
Some other ideas besides using bananas is using Fruit by the Foot or beef jerky.  I know you creative teachers out there can make some hands-on splitting lessons!
What food item do you think would be fun to do with your class?
Have anything to share for MaTh activity Thursday?

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