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Sometimes the mere mention of the word “math” can strike fear into the hearts of little learners. Math’s challenges take on a new level of significance in first grade, when kids are beginning to build new skills on top of previous skills they have learned. We know, based on our work with teachers and students in this age group, that building a strong foundation in math skills is essential. But, it’s also important to make math engaging. That’s why we get so serious about making math fun.

Whatever your academic goal, we have what you need to play catch up, review familiar concepts, or even to keep your kid ahead of the curve. Check out our extensive collection of 1st grade math worksheets, and you’re guaranteed to find something perfect for your young student. Is your kid more of a hands-on learner? Try out some of our 1st grade math activities, featuring everything from dice activities, to card games, to simple experiments.

Here are three of our editorial board’s favorite 1st grade math worksheets:

Not only are carrots crunchy and delicious, they’re great for learning how to add!
Counting Carrots Addition
Summer may be coming to an end, but your kid can still bask in the sun with this under the sea subtraction worksheet.
Under the Sea Subtraction
Even though we’re living in a digital world, it’s still important to know how to read a watch. Help your kid become a time-telling master with these tried and true watch worksheets.
Watch Time!

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