This past week I FINALLY got a product up for sale on my TpT and TN stores!  That is my Monday Made It!

I have a few freebies there too.  I’m working on lots of other things, but I keep jumping from project to project and never finishing one.  I decided to make a giveaway to celebrate a new item in my stores!  I plan to do it each time there is something new.  If I have over 200 entries I will give away to 6 people instead of 3, so feel free to tell your friends : )

It sure does take some time to get all the shops and things up and running while still taking care of all five kids for the summer!  I can’t wait until the 26th when my three oldest go back to school and I just have my toddler and baby to entertain while I try and get work done : )

Best of luck to all my teacher friends going back to your classrooms for the new school year!  I wish you all the best!

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