I am so glad that I volunteered to do this book study for Building Mathematical Comprehension with Primary Inspired because I learned a lot from just my chapter!

Primary Inspired Guided Math Book Study

Chapter 6 is all about making inferences and predictions.  I picked this chapter because 1) Six is my favorite number (Why? Because I loved being 6–I had an amazing first grade teacher!) and mainly 2) the subject sounded right up my alley–very intriguing how you can do this with math. (I love open ended math exercises that make learners really think!)

The chapter started discussing the relationship between inference and predictions.  Basically, inferring is what our minds do with the knowledge given and we use our prior understanding to understand another situation deeper, but then predictions use the inferred knowledge to draw reasonable conclusions.

My favorite part was when the author gave a list of what learners can do by inferring: (Page 172)

  • draw conclusions
  • make reasonable predictions
  • answer questions they have generated by combining background knowledge and explicitly provided information
  • make connections between their conclusions and other knowledge or beliefs to extend or adapt that knowledge or those beliefs
  • gain insight when struggling to understand complex concepts
  • make critical or analytical judgments about texts or mathematical data

These are SO important and are often missing in much of the mathematics curriculum.  This type of understand is having the kids come up with the questions and analyzing the solution.

They recommended one-on-one conferences to promote effective inference and predictions.  Then the authors gave some examples of activities you can do with your students to help them improve their ability to infer and predict.

I’m excited to have a freebie based on this chapter too!  It is most appropriate for Grades 1-3.  If the link doesn’t work it is free on my TpT store too.  The scenario is about triplets learning to tie their shoes…

I am in the process of making a weekly inference packet with 40 scenarios for each grade of Kinder through 5th (but I still need a bit more time to complete them.  My goal is to have them by the end of August).  I’d love to hear what you think of the freebie, though. : )

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