Okay, maybe I am cheating by linking two things at one time–but I see it done by others.  Plus, the Throwback Thursday was such a great idea!  Apparently the idea of Throwback Thursday has been around for a while, but nice to see the teacher bloggers joining the movement : )

My throwback goes back to April 9th of this year.  I had been blogging about two weeks when I posted

Math activities with Hangers

Time to look in those closets, make some observations, count hangers, and maybe organize!

  • Count how many hangers you have in your closet?  Are they all the same color?
    • Find the percentage of each color.
    • How many hangers are not holding clothes?  What percentage is that?
      • Of the hangers holding clothes, compare how many are shirts vs dresses and pants?
    • How do you findings compare with other closets in the house?
      • Who has the most organized closet?
        • What makes it the most organized?
          • Time yourself to see how fast you can organize your closet.
  • How much are the clothes hanging on your hangers worth?
    • You can discuss how clothes lose value (Retail vs. Resale values), but then they might increase in sentimental value…
      • Calculate the resale value of your closet?  Average each kind of item (for example shirts $2 each, dresses $7, etc) then multiply and add to find the total value for your closet.
  • Other random things to do.
    • Have fun designing new hanger designs (This is more of an art activity–but you can still have them draw it to scale).
    • How many hangers can you hook with one another to get to the floor of your closet? 
What math games can you do with HANGERS?

I really enjoyed that post and a few people said they had their kids/students do an exercise with it.  I plan on making a handout for it on my TpT store soon.
Now for the brief MaTh activity Thursday…
I’ll piggyback with Hangers and closets…
Have you gone through your closet lately?  I happened to go through mine the other day looking for some fabric that somehow was not in the normal fabric place.  I ended up giving away a box of books to the library and starting a Salvation Army box of giveaway stuff.
It is amazing how much stuff can accumulate in one closet.  So, for the kids…
Go through your closet and find all the things that don’t fit or can be given away.  Then write an itemized receipt so Mom and Dad can use it as a tax write-off if you give it away to a non-profit : )
My daughter’s looked like this…
8 girls shirts      $32
1 girls shorts     $4
3 girls pants     $15
Total                $51

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