I’ve been very busy.  So busy that I didn’t get to do my Saturday post.  I did have a great weekend getting a critique on the manuscript I have been working on.  My lovely assistant is helping me with the illustrations.

So, since I have been busy writing and revising I thought today’s Monday math would be about text, specifically text in books.  Although, if kids are reading text like street signs and names of businesses as you drive around town that would work too.

Supplies: A book or two per student.

Activity: Ask questions you want to find out that have to do with numbers.

  • How many paragraphs are on each page?
  • How many sentences are on each page?
  • What is the average length of each sentence?
  • How many syllables are in one paragraph?
  • After each student has answered the questions, compare the answers.  Are they similar or really different?  Discuss letters and phrases.  What are the most common letters in the English language?
If you are playing with a young child you can just talk about words–such as words around town (like the street signs and business signs).  You can talk about the shapes of letters even–which letters have curves, which ones have straight lines and angles?

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