Hello everyone.  I am going to do MaTh activity Thursday with Dice, but you can choose any math activity you want to link up with.


  • Math Dice or dice you have already.
  • Download my created handouts for free on TpT  + or – and x or ÷ or click on the links in the ‘how to play’ section below. Or you can make your own.
  • A plastic sleeve or plan on laminating the paper.
  • A dry erase marker
How to play:
  • Pick your difficulty level paper (+ or -) or (x or ÷).
  • Roll all the dice.
  • Put the big white dice to the right of the equal sign.  Try to see if you can make it equal the paper side of the equation.  If it is not possible make it close and do the > or <.
    • You can include the white dice in the equation and shout out or write the answer for the other side.
    • If you need to leave out a die to make the equation balanced, you might do that.
    • For older students have each die stand for a place value or a numerator and a denominator.
    • Come up with any variation you think is appropriate for you student(s).
Now, it’s your turn to share your math posts, ideas, or activities!
Thanks for stopping by and I will try and put the handouts on my TpT asap (hopefully by tomorrow morning).

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