I know I am a bit behind, but I found this linky party that might boost my followers and help me get to know other teacher bloggers!

Thanks to I {Heart} Recess for the link up!

1. Why I started blogging can be answered in my first post, although I have learned all about TpT and TN since then, so now I really want to make Teacher Resources too.
2. Favorite subject to teach is math!  I actually passed the AP Calculus test in high school, but I loved having young kids understand math concepts.  I am not currently teaching due to interesting thing number 3.
3. Teaching style would be hands-on. Love activities, white boards, and movement.
4. Interesting things….humm

  1. I biked from Los Angeles to Salt Lake with friends when I was 17 and that’s how I got to college : ) No need to buy an airplane ticket!
  2. I love organizing drawers.
  3. I have 5 kids–large families are few here in Los Angeles, so I’m always getting the comment “Well, you have your hands full!”

5. My TpT store is HERE but I don’t have any products yet–I’m working on them.

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