Well, I didn’t get any links for my party last Thursday, but perhaps I just don’t have enough readers yet.  Maybe this week will be better.  The MaTh activity Thursday theme this week will be… percentages!

So, get ready to share how you teach percentages, or if you have any ideas you can think of with them.  I hope to see you back on Thursday : )

Back to some suggestions for math activities…

I don’t know about you, but I get a ton of magazines and catalogs in the mail.  Most of them end up in my recycling trash, but here are some ideas you can do with those magazines and catalogs instead of throwing them away immediately.


  • Do a math scavenger hunt.  Some ideas are:
    • Have cards with math equations and they have to find that number and cut it out from the magazine.  
    • Have color and/or shape patterns where they have to cut out the next color and/or shape.
    • Have twenty-six math problems that the kids need to solve.  Each one will be associated with a letter.  Have important words of your clues for the scavenger hunt be in that code.
  • Give the kids 3 minutes to find as many ads as they can.  Make lists of similarities and differences of the ads.  Who has the longest list?  What was the average number of similarities in the class?
  • Pick a price and find how many items are below that price or above that price.  Timing the kids can make it fun.
  • Get as close to a given budget as possible.  If you have exactly $37, what items can you possibly buy with getting as close to that as possible but not going over budget.
Have you used magazines and catalogs in your class before?  If so, how did you use them?

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