Thanks for stopping by and I’m so excited to host my first linky party.  I know that there have been several math link-ups (at least in the blogs I’ve been following), so hopefully you are not too tired with math yet. : )

So, here’s our MaTh activity Thursday topic: Place Value

I think place value is an important aspect for a student and it can be difficult for some, especially when they get into the thousands place.  I’ve seen far too many kids not be able to tell which one is greater 2,040 or 2,400.
Here is one way I think kids learn place value a little more easily–with MONEY!
I like to show the kids $0.01 is one penny and then add up your pennies and after you add one more penny to your nine pennies that become equal to a dime ($0.10).  This also helps them understand regrouping.  I love to use charts like this…
They are handed some amount of money.
Put the chart in a plastic sleeve and then the children can use dry erase markers on the sheet over and over again.  Here is the chart filled out…
At some point in the lesson I do touch on the concept of a ‘digit’.  I explain that there are 10 digits, 0-9.  Those are the only numbers that can occupy a place on the value chart.  That’s it–short and sweet!
So, now it’s your turn.  What activities do you do with place value?  
Do you have a game that kids love?  Do you use a special manipulative?  
Thanks for reading and remember to visit at least 3 links other than your own.  I’ll announce next week’s topic on Monday : )

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