So, I’m trying to hit all the social networks to share about my interests–math, Elementary Education, and writing children’s books.

I am having a difficult time with Facebook, but I did make a fan page if you use Facebook…  Lucy Ravitch–Author and Teacher Blogger .  The problem is that FB is broken for me.  I can view my page and act as my page there, but to ‘use Facebook as’ and I choose my page I get an error message–HTTP 500 Internal Server message!  I tried for hours to try and fix it, but can’t.

So, I decided to take a break from that and check out Google+.  I saw they have a Communities section.  I found a few that fit me, but I also decided to make one. You might like some of them too.

  • Elementary School Teachers is the community I started and I put subgroups of the grade levels and some subjects.  I hope it will grow and be a great place to share El Ed stuff.
  • Elementary Education had 120 people.  It didn’t have the subgroups that I thought might be useful, but it’s an okay group.  I found Loreen Leedy there–I’m a big fan of her books.
  • Mathematics Education (K-12) had 500 people.  It has a broad  range of subgroups, from El Ed to high school math teachers.
  • Common Core Conversation had 832 people.  It has plenty of subgroups and seems like a good place to be.
  • Children’s Books, reviews, writers & illustrators had only 9, but seemed very well organized and I think it will grow once more Children’s Book people start using Google+
For the community I started I even purchased a picture from Dreamstime to be the profile…
I really like Google+ and I think it is getting bigger.  I love the ideas of circles and that you can put people in more than one circle.  I have several labeled circles…
  • Family
  • PTA/School Friends
  • Church Friends
  • Writing Friends
  • Blog Followers
  • Acquaintainces
Are you using Google+ yet?
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